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Events By Beth Long is a wedding and event planning company ideal for authentic people. We create personalized experiences- evident throughout your day and celebrations your guests will never forget! We offer a variety of designing, planning and coordination services to compliment your celebration, specialized for any stage of planning. We operate out of Kansas City but we love to travel!


my story

I was 18, starry-eyed and had a 3-inch binder FULL of wedding plans. This was me the night of my engagement. Yes, I already had my wedding planned out (to every detail) BEFORE I had a ring. Heck, before I had the guy. I LOVED planning my wedding. And before I knew it I had seventeen weddings and over 40 showers/parties under my belt as a planner and/or coordinator- totaling over 57 events! It wasn’t a business then- it was just something I loved doing- “If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life!” So the day I had my transformation I was able to see myself how everyone else had- a valued and efficient event planner. Once I decided to pursue my love for events- and everything that goes with them- I became who I was always meant to be. So here I am (a little older) still starry-eyed, believing that anything is possible and if anyone can do it- it is going to be me.

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